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CX season almost done

After taking two weeks off from cx racing, I was back on day 2 of the double race weekend. I didn’t want to over do it so I chose to opt out Saturday.

It was a cold race day. I heard Saturday was just as bad with rain. While warming up, this caught my attention. The guy said it was custom built $300.

Bike on a bike

I didn’t pre-ride the course. I did however scanned it to determine where all the sand pits and barriers were. During my warm up I ran into Greg and chatted while we both warmed up. Still no sign of Rigo, its been over a month since he raced. At the staging area I stayed back like always. I’m afraid I’d be caught in or cause a crash at the start. Everything was going well, for majority of the first lap. Once I reached the double sand pit things got interesting. I was doing fine until I reached the end where the spectators had piled up the sand. I guess that is what I get racing in the 4s. No one really takes this race seriously. I crashed into the sand, got back up and continued. Except I was starting to have some trouble de-mounting from my bike. My right clip would not unclip. It caused problems at the barriers, probably about 20 seconds at each barrier. By the time I finished I was glad it was over, and I still could not get the shoe off. Turns out one of the bolts fell off. So when I kicked my heel to unclip, the clip wasn’t moving. After a rough race I bought a fat tire at the vendor and loaded my bike back on the car (with the shoe still hanging there) and drove back.

I still have yet to figure out how I am going to get that shoe off before my next race on Sunday. I was upset but I learned the hard way. I will add this on my pre-race checklist in the future. CHECK TO MAKE SURE BOLTS ARE SCREWED IN TIGHTLY. Here are a few of my “highlights” from that race.