New Year!

Happy 2011! It sure does not feel like 2011. I do not plan on making any resolutions since they always get ruined anyways. If anything, my resolution is to have more fun!Live my life to the fullest. Maybe blog more often 😉

It has been just over one year since I got out of the hospital after chemo and radiation treatment. I’ve become more active physically and more determined to take over any challenges that come my way. I’ve round house kicked CANcer in the face and I am looking to do more damage.

I am focusing on the LSAT. I know I’ve been prepping for this damn thing just over two years now. It will take place this Saturday and I am nervous. It is about time I just get it over with.

This past weekend I meant to prepare more for it but decided instead to just relax. Went out Friday, worked Saturday morning, went to one of the best cocktail parties I’ve ever been to Saturday night, and Sunday was the big bowl game in which I won a small amount of moola!

The new year started off shaky, felt like I burned a bridge, one that I did not mean to. I attempted to stop drinking because of it but that did not last long. I know now to never ever ever drink Mickey’s again.

I’ll give more of an update post LSAT. Until then take care!



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