Tiger Woods. So what?

Oh the media jumped on this one. Tiger Woods, adultery and such.  One stepped up in which turned into multiple women. My take on this? It shouldn’t matter. What Tiger does in his personal life should not be anyone’s business other than Tiger’s and his family. Rachel Uchitel, Tiger’s #1 mistress is now rumored to be in negotiations to pose for skin mag Playboy. Another reason why these mistresses are stepping up, they have something to gain from this. Whatever Tiger does, it is not and should not be anyone’s problem other than whom I listed previously. I don’t have anymore to say about the issues since this is not any of my business.

To move along, with this being my second post to my new blog and all, I feel I shouldn’t just talk about legal issues. I’ll be expanding to other topics such as books, sports, personal life, and anything else that pops in my head. Until next time. Stay focused!


One response to “Tiger Woods. So what?

  1. O.K. I’ve listened to enough of this glass house crap that is being barfed up by our so called (apparently) totally sacred media who I am absolutely confident as they speak about the fall out of Tiger have got to be just swollowing their own guilt about what they have tucked away in their own closets ( and I am sure there are many) of the same thing that they so seek to ruin the life of a great golfer…..A GREAT GOLFER , A GOLFER !!! For the love of GOD a Religious leader that is supposed to be setting an example to our inner wellness and belief committs act that are so against everything that we’ve been taught as young children and we DO NOT lash out with anything close to this type of venom. POLITICAL leaders, I can’t even stomach the transgressions that they are responsible for, and they are our leaders! I am so sick of the media saying it is there obligation to report these things, affiliated with sports, BULLSHIT! Their only concern is to boost their ratings no matter whose life they ruin. I do not believe that there is any less than 85% of the people in the top media programs that has not got something to hide that could also ruin them. Maybe we should start following them around everywhere the go and report on their deviant activities. Why is it that the media can’t just report on the things that are reavelant instead of seemingly to go out of their way to do what ever it takes to hurt someone? What someone does professionally and what they do with-in their own personal life should not be confused. I guess we could make everyone in the media’s personal life top media also! When was it determined that you were handed the god given right to predict what should happen, or act like a court of law and determine that this is the correct course of action for tiger ( or all the others that you’ve so shown your higharchy), and what they should do to correct this in life! That is not in your job title! Who are you to decide what he or anyone else does with the rest of there lives, Maybe I’ve missed something and you are also given the absolute authority of God! YOU the media needs to tone it down about five notches or so because although you think you haae the power someday it may just bite you in the but and you are seemingly close to becoming just another enquire (all crap) To build your own MEDIA standings. ESPN you are one of the worse and you are supposed to be the SPORTS network! Get a grip boys.

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